ACCESS-IT considers that ICT enables a person with a disability to access their right to:

  • Education (using mediums such as e-learning, audio books),
  • Employment (including tele-work or working with the support of assistive technology),
  • Daily tasks (like filling tax/bank forms paying online) and
  • Socialise (find and talk with friends, being another person, at Second Life or playing a life simulation game such as Sim City)

Some people with disabilities are enjoying this access today, but not all.

Some of the current barriers to using AT and/or ICT may include the following:

  • Inaccessible design of Technology, (websites, software and hardware)
  • Lack of knowledge and awareness including suitable training
  • Fear of Cost
  • Lack of awareness of solutions
  • Lack of motivation and fear of failure

Our Concept

To address these, ACCESS-IT seeks to:

  • Make people aware of existing ICT, products and services that serve the lives of disabled and elderly and how they can exploit them
  • Make people believe in the power of Accessible ICT and Assistive Technology by promoting best practice and success
  • Recognise the efforts made by the ICT and AT Industry, disability community and policy makers in making services and products that are affordable, usable and that address the needs of those with a disability or the elderly.

ACCESS-IT – The Brand, the Future

ACCESS-IT is now launched and is is evolving continuously. Previously there was no cohesive ongoing initiativethat celebrates and also demonstrates AT and ICT. ACCESS-IT has changed this and draws together scientific, academic, technical and commercial developments to meet the everyday needs of people with a disability and the elderly and in doing so enhance the quality of lives.